About Port Sudan


Sudan is Transcontinental spanning the northeast corner of Africa and southwest cornet of Asia, Due to the uniqueness beauty of the Redsea  and its relative proximity to Europe,  Sudan is the most popular countries among divers from around the world and especially from Europe.

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Port Sudan, the main seaport and the first of the Republic of Sudan, in addition to that it is one of the major cities in the Afro-Arab country, and the old known as the (Braot) and was due a name for a Senate that brought migrants from the Hijaz and lived in Port Sudan , and her family knew him as the flea, and they named their city after him before the Englishmen Ptgierasmha to Port Sudan, and it was their drive behind this search for an alternative to the historic port of Suakin.

Granting the power of the port of Port Sudan on the other cities of the Sudanese coast, and made it one of the largest cities in Sudan in economic terms; In the case of export out of the country Portsudan be the crossing to the outside, and in the case of import is the passage to be inside.
But for months the Sudanese peoples inhabiting the city to understand the “Beja” or “Beja” original inhabitants who had lived in eastern Sudan areas since ancient times, it is said that they belong to Cush, and they were famous since ancient warriors stout. Gold and exported from their country to Egypt during pharaonic times. The Beja people of nomadic herders tending camels and other beasts.

In addition to the “Beja” All Sudanese tribes who are attracted by the spirit of the city’s booming economic and movement are located, and it was told to go will not return them. Sudan has also attracted the Indians and the Greeks and the Barbarians, and that they became the Copts of its population and its citizens.
As the weather climate of Port Sudan closer to the climate of the Mediterranean area, which is described as the dry hot summer warm and rainy in winter. Which it is contrary to most climate in Sudan except the mountains Marra area in western Sudan Aftksha about this atmosphere, and the rainy period between October to Enyermn each year. This feature makes the city a haven for many Sudanese families affordable, especially in the winter.
Of the most famous neighborhoods of Port Sudan wire Diem and Diem Korea and Alslalab and Diem Sawakin and Almirgneh inspired the airport and transit inspired Gulf inspired Philip Diem light and Aloscalh and Abu Hashish and HDL and Dar Naim and Dar es Salaam.

There is no doubt that the visitor to the city of Port Sudan will notice from the first glance, the large number of cafes and coffee vendors on the roads, and is no doubt that the taste of coffee Beja is one of the best that can be tastes it visits the city. Featuring smell Almabakh added some spices, which increases the mystique rituals that accompany the preparation of a special drink smell of incense, which are spread all over the place. And increasingly poetic atmosphere with the voice of the singer crooned Bedjaoui, which stems from the registration machines or radio

Port Sudan is characterized and around accommodation for many tourist sites, especially since the nature Hptha an ideal setting for tourism, especially a city that is characterized by its water purity and warmth, which makes it a suitable place for diving and see the coral reefs, different varieties of fish some valued at more than 1500 type Beaches pose plates full of color brightly.
Among the most important areas that can be visited in Port Sudan: Snguenib and Dnkab, and two Mahmytan of coral reefs, and coral reefs and the Saudi Al-Roumi. City residents also meant several places in the weekly holidays, such as the bride and the levied and Arquette village, and that the areas suitable for mountain climbing and see the towns and villages nearby at distances of up to 160 kilometers.
Port Sudan and organizes an annual festival to promote the city’s economic and tourism with the participation of companies from the neighboring countries of Sudan, especially from Egypt. And attends presentations for teams heritage of the peoples inhabiting the region, and shows businesses Sudanese and foreign.